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What started as a simple idea to put ourselves into art history has turned into a triology. Our premise was simple: make art history LGBT and POC inclusive - the art history we deserved.


Books 1 and 2 will be available for sale again this fall, and book 3 will be created in 2023. Subscribe to our once monthly newsletter to stay updated on sales!

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Celebrating romance novels and pulp fiction, we wanted to make a book of cover art and make it all LGBT and POC inclusive! We worked with over 50 artists to create a full color paperback art book filled with reimagined romance novel cover art, complete with titles and back cover reviews. Introducing our latest project - Cover Me Queer - another in our series of "but make it gay" art books!

Available NOW in our shop!

Lady Tarot Cards

Our first project was a set of tarot cards - we wanted to make a deck that was LGBT and POC inclusive with a woman or nonbinary figure on each card!

These cards are 100% sold out and will not be reprinted.

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