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Nova & Mali
Queer Publishing House

Nova & Mali have been organizing queer art projects since 2020. Over the years their work has snowballed into independently run queer art publishing. From tarot cards to art books, Nova & Mali have created a platform for LGBT+ and BIPOC artists to showcase their talents.

Our Projects

Classics I



What started as a simple idea to put ourselves into art history has turned into a triology. Our premise was simple: make art history LGBT and POC inclusive - the art history we deserved.

Cover Me Queer


Celebrating romance novels and pulp fiction - we wanted to make a book of cover art and make it all LGBT and POC inclusive! We worked with over 50 artists to create a full color paperback art book filled with reimagined romance novel cover art, complete with titles and back cover reviews.

Classics II



After completing our first book, we realized we wanted to make Classics into a trilogy. Our second book completed printing in summer 2022 and is available now.

Classics III



Our final book completes our trilogy - check it out in our shop!

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