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And They Were Monsters - Physical Book PRE-ORDER

If you like monsters, you're gunna like this book - our book will showcase over 60 illustrations of monsterxmonsters, monstersxhumans, and even monsters cooking for their human boyfriend.


This is our 8th project and we figured it was about time to branch out into the world of monsters - what better way than a book celebrating monster lovers of all kinds? We asked our artists to get creative, dig deep, and create monsters with wild abandon! We've got fish monsters, skeleton knights, plant monsters, werewolves, monstrous mermaids, sphinxes, ghosts, and more!


This book is largely NSFW with suggestive poses and content matter that includes sexual themes and some blood/gore (it's monsters after all!). Viewer discretion is advised and we recommend an audience of 18+ years old.


Our book will have over 60 full page color illustrations from over 60 artists. Every illustration has at least one monstrous figure, sometimes more, sometimes a human or two thrown in there - it's a variety pack with a little something for everyone.


Our book will be hardcover and roughly 7x10 inches. This is a limited run of pre-order copies set to 200 books. The merch is not available at this time.

Your order includes a digital copy - I'll get this emailed out to you within 3-4 business days, and I appreciate your patience!


Toward the end of the book, we'll have an artist directory with info about everyone's artwork and social media handles. All of the works shown in our book mock-up graphics will be included in our book - some pieces may be a work in progress and they may have changed slightly for the final product.


We've been printing with PrintNinja since 2021 and will be working with them again for this book! We've printed 4 books (the Classics But Make It Gay series and Cover Me Queer) through this printer and have loved every minute of it!


This is a PREORDER - this means we don't have the books ready to send to you yet as they are still being printed. We estimate they'll be at our house and ready to ship this summer, perhaps as early as May or as late as July. We will update you monthly in our newsletter including a final call for address changes.

And They Were Monsters - Physical Book PRE-ORDER

This book is in production now and estimated to ship during the early to mid summer 2024.
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