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Classics - Acrylic Charm

This listing is for our acrylic charms from “Classics but make it gay.” Each acrylic charm will come with the jump ring and keychain, and the charm is 2-3 inches.

You have 3 design choices!
Rosefinchie's We Have Always Been Here
Rosefinchie's Artemisia Gentileschi painting a rainbow
Ren Strapp's Statue Girlfriends


If you select B-Grade, our B-grade charms have small dust particles in the clear gloss layer that do not detract from the overall look. Some may have small scratches in the clear portion of the acrylic or a bubble in the ink in areas that aren’t important (ex: not the face). Each charm is slightly different and may not be included in the product photos. 


Classics - Acrylic Charm

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