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Classics - Digital Book Bundle, V 1 2 and 3

What if we took art history and made it gay?


You want to get all 3 volumes? No problem!


You'll get our Volume I immediately after payment, and V2&V3 emailed to you within 24 hours! Your download link will contain the first book and I will email you the other links within 2 business days.

All three books have over 60 works of art each, filled with classic pieces from art history remastered with LGBT+ and POC representation. They contain works of art from ancient history to the mid 20th century, artist bios and artist statements, and pages with our merch designs.


The book designs are by FlohGna - thanks Floh!


Your order includes 3 digital books. Your email will be used for delivery of books 2 and 3. It is your responsibility to ensure a correct email address or we won't be able to contact you!

Books will come via email within 24 hours because I can upload just one PDF to the listing. I will send the other books by email every morning to everyone who has ordered in the past 24 hours.

Classics - Digital Book Bundle, V 1 2 and 3

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