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Classics Merch Pack

Check out our merch pack from Classics but Make It Gay!
You'll get:

  • 1 glitter sticker designed by karlovycross based on Le Flirt a La Rose by LeClerc
  •  1 metal bookmark designed by Mayticks featuring Hades and Persephone, Theseus and a Fury, and Orpheus and Eurydice!
  •  Your choice of 1 of 3 acrylic charms designed by rosefinchie and renstrapp!
    Rose designed two charms:
    - glow in the dark cave hand paintings
    - Artemisia painting a rainbow
    Ren created: Venus de Milo and Nike of Samothrace as girlfriends.
  •  An embroidered patch designed by Mayticks! Her patch features Hades and Persephone...and some pomegranates.

Classics Merch Pack